Put an End to Equipment Odors

Get the right tools to deodorize your farm equipment's cab efficiently

Tractors and planters are absolutely vital to the success of your agricultural business, allowing you to get more done in less time. But with all the hard work comes odors that can build up over time and become unpleasant. That's why local farmers go to Odor Medicine Pro Dyes International for professional farm equipment odor-removal products.

Turn to our team today to make your cab fresh again.

Hire us to deliver your cab cleaning equipment

Whether you own tractors, combines or planters, we'll provide the right tools to deodorize your machines without impacting their performance. You can use our odor-fighting product to:

  • Prevent mouse odors from attracting other mice to your cab
  • Make your equipment's cab more bearable to stay in for hours
  • Get rid of foul smells in your equipment's cab before you sell it

Don't wait to clean out your cab - order effective odor-removal products today. You can reach us at 701-851-0023 to find out how many quick-release units you'll need.

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