Vapor Clean

Room & Basement Medicine
Extremely effective in large problem areas such as basements, crawlspaces, and garages or in vacation homes. Each unit can treat between 250 sq feet. For example, if you need to treat 1000 square feet it is recommended you utilize three to four units. Never again be embarrassed to have guests over to your house, enjoy living in a healthier environment with lots of clean, fresh air and automatically increase the value of your home.

Auto Medicine
Our revolutionary Car Smell Remover Quick Release product is a single-use high-tech system that delivers the most effective chemical deodorizer (Chlorine Dioxide) safely to neutralize and eliminate even the worst odors in your car. Car detailers love it, and we're seeing more and more rental companies use it as well. It is so simple to use and so effective you won't believe it!

Boat and Marine Medicine
Boat Medicine Mold/Mildew Odor Control is the most effective way to remove foul odor from an enclosed area. It will treat an area within 6 hours. It is ideal for removing odors from boats and RVs that have been in long-term storage. It is also great for eliminating odors from storage areas, cars, vacation homes, basements or any other enclosed area.

RV & Camper Medicine
Good for one small to mid size RV interior. Large RVs will require two. Eliminates severe odors permanently, not a masking agent -
Freezer and Fridge odors - This product works great for bad smells in the freezer or fridge in your RV or Camper.

Cab Fresh
Cab Fresh destroys mouse and other odors permanently from farm machinery.

Mice are attracted to other mice, so by destroying the odors in your cab it will help keep them out.
Our revolutionary Cab Fresh Quick Release product is a single-use high-tech system that delivers the most effective chemical deodorizer.

Aqua Clean
Pet odors such as cat urine, dog urine, and other pet urine odors are difficult to remove. Eliminate pet odors quickly and permanently with Aqua Clean. No matter if your problem is cat urine in the carpet, dog urine in your den, or pet odors in your boat, Aqua Clean will remove the odor permanently.

Aqua Clean is the most powerful odor eliminator available! Eliminate stinky carpet smells like cat urine quickly and permanently. Originally designed to eliminate nasty urine odors from public restrooms, Aqua Clean is effective on all types of organic odors including animal feces. Aqua Clean is safe for hardwood floors, concrete, and most other types of flooring.

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