Smell Something Funky? It's Time to Deodorize Your Property.

Turn to us for top-notch odor-removal products

Odor-removal products can be a saving grace for property owners who notice persistent lingering smells. By utilizing the latest and most advanced tools, even the toughest odors can be removed efficiently. For over 20 years, the pros at Odor Medicine Pro Dyes International have been selling the right equipment to remove foul odors from homes, businesses and vehicles.

Learn everything you need to know about chlorine dioxide

For every odor-removal job, we recommend chlorine dioxide gas. Why is this the product of choice for professionals? Here's what you need to know about chlorine dioxide:

  • This chemical compound is more effective than baking soda and other DIY odor-removal products
  • The solution attracts negatively charged odor molecules, oxidizes them and breaks them down quickly
  • It eliminates vomit, mold, cigarette smoke, marijuana, spoiled food, skunk and pet odors without leaving harmful byproducts behind

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Leave no trace of foul odors behind

When you open the door to your car, home or workplace, what do you smell? If your initial response is to open your windows or add another air freshener to your space, don't wait to order our specialized auto deodorizer. Our bio-degradable odor-eliminating product can be used to eliminate odors permanently.

Count on our crew to provide the products you need to get rid of odors in your building or vehicle today.