Silicone, Water Blade Squeegee – 1 Pack, 11 inches.

Original price was: $1,995.00.Current price is: $12.95.

– 11-inch blade for maximum coverage

– Durable and flexible silicone blade for streak-free results

– Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip and control

– Ideal for drying cars, windows, showers, and more

– Lightweight and easy to use


The Water Blade, your ultimate solution for streak-free and spotless surfaces. Say goodbye to tedious drying methods and hello to effortless water removal. This innovative tool features a flexible silicone blade that glides smoothly over any surface, leaving it crystal clear and shiny. Whether you’re drying your car, windows, or shower doors, the Water Blade is your go-to companion for a quick and efficient drying experience. Make every cleaning task a breeze with the Water Blade.

– Flexible silicone blade for streak-free drying

– Suitable for cars, windows, and shower doors

– Effortless water removal for a spotless finish

– Ergonomic design for comfortable use

– Say goodbye to tedious drying methods


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